About Solo Smile Solutions

Solo Smile Solutions was created with the sole purpose to help people who struggle with insecurities pertaining to their teeth. The purpose of this creation is to make a difference in someone’s life one smile at a time at an affordable rate.

Studies show that 94 % of people look at a person’s smile as a first impression and our goal is to ensure that our clients leave the very best one. An improved smile exudes higher self esteem and leaves a person with a sense of glow they might not have had before.

Our cosmetic bonding veneer teeth procedures are noninvasive, with no anesthesia, shaving, or drilling, which are affordable and we provide regular care throughout your journey for a perfect and confident smile.
Our team is friendly and will treat you like a family member. You will also have an exclusive smile partner who will be with you through the treatment and will be available via e-mail or phone to answer any future questions or concerns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the provision of the highest quality of cosmetic procedure through a honest and ethical approach to treatment. We strive to be pioneers in all modalities of treatment by giving our patients a personalized and distinguished service, based on informed decision-making and drawing on our cosmetic veneer specialist’ vast experience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as pioneers and leading experts in cosmetic procedures in the USA and the Region.

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